Amidst the corona virus outbreak, our team helped the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Unit stop  the smuggling of more than 1750 birds from Pekanbaru to South Sumatra on March 17.

On the morning of March 17, an informant alerted FLIGHT coordinator  that birds would be smuggled from Riau to South Sumatera that very night.

Because of the corona virus situation, the FLIGHT team in Jakarta was unable to travel to Riau to assist the team there.

FLIGHT coordinator alerted the Riau Nature Resources Conservation Unit, MoEF.

FLIGHT staff in Riau, BKSDA officers and police devised a plan to prevent the smuggling. They stopped the car transporting 1755 wild birds from Riau to South Sumatra.
Confiscated birds were released back into the wild the next day. Our gratitude to the team involved in this rescue effort.
This rescue effort is supported by funds provided by Wildlife Reserve Singapore, Animals Asia, and Change for Animals and Rainforest Rescue