FLIGHT was formed by Marison Guciano, Nabila Fatma, and Nazia Rahma in February 2018 with a vision to raise the awareness and protect the birds of Indonesia. The organization is registered with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights with the name of Yayasan Terbang Indonesia or Flight Indonesia Foundation


Our focus is on investigating and reporting poachers in the forests, documenting illegal birds and traders in markets, and assist the Law Enforcement and police to stop smugglers and/or traffickers of Indonesian Birds. We have supported the rescue more than 180,000 songbirds from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

Apart from supporting law enforcement efforts against illegal poachers and traffickers, we also support the government through community development programs, education, joint patrols and other programs to protect birds and their habitats.


For the last five years, we already helped and assisted the authorities to rescuing of more than 180,000 birds -various species from illegal wildlife trade. As much as we love to protect the birds of Indonesia, we couldn’t do it without your support.

We need to stop the smuggling and trading of birds because birds don’t belong in a cage. We need your support to help save the birds we all care about.